Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C

General Meeting

Minutes February 8, 2012


  Call to order at 6:35 PM and introductions. Robert Mandle, absent.


Treasure's Report:

  Mike Yates motion to approve first quarter treasure's report, second by Zachary Hartman - all approved (Rob Mandle, absent).

  Letter to the DC Auditor, have not received 9 months of funding.

  Gottlieb Simon - CFO's Office has created a task force to identify how to improve the process of the ANCs getting their funding. ANC office is not sure why funds get delayed. Great Weight applies to all parts of DC Government but not all actions.

  Motion by Mike Yates, seconded by Janet Myers to accept letter with Timothy Jones suggested amendments - all approved (Rob Mandle, absent).


  Feb 23 7 PM PSA 404 & 407 joint meeting at 801 Shepherd ST NW.


State Superintendent of Education (OSSE):

  Waiver application - Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA). Flexibility request due February 21, 2012. Submit to the federal government this month. Relief from No Child Left Behind. The vast majority of the schools are in failing status.

  Full Draft Application

  Written Comments by 2/14

  You may also call Kayleen Irizarry at 202-741-0258.

  Next year 84% of schools are failing.

  ESEA would adjust base on overall performance.

  21st Century Funding (5 year grants - CBOs).


Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency:

  Thomas Williams, Supervisor CSOSA - Associate Director Community Supervision Services. 300 Indiana AVE NW

  Taylor Street location, collaborate with MPD, perform checks on the individuals who fall under their responsibility.

  Provide services at Taylor Street for the individuals under their supervision. Three floors and armed security staff who perform hourly checks around the perimeter of the building.

  Elba Gonzales CSOSA

  Community partners - community service hours. Community Service Agreement (non-profit, ANC, etc) flyer distribution, community setups, etc. Host site they come once a week. Or complete event form.

  633 Indiana Ave.

  Listen to community concerns.

  Joe Vaughan & David Tumblin 1230 Taylor -- loitering. David Tumblin activity in the rear of the building at night from neighbors. Uniformed officers. Dumping of materials at all time of the day.

  Joe Vaughan bomb threats behind Bridges Charter School. Thomas Williams has turned over security footage to MPD for their investigation. 1st time in 8/9 years that they have had a problem like that at Taylor

  Services - drug testing, day reporting center (anger management, family services), employment services, GED services.

  If anyone is willing to take tours

  Partnership with Roosevelt Stay, increased enrollment last year by 50%.

  CSCOA Security Sergeant 5857705

  Baker Branch Chief for Taylor 585-7753

  Elba Gonzalez 202-220-5480


New Business:

1.    Candidates for Ward 4 (7 minutes each):

1.    Calvin Gurley -

2.    Max Skolnik

3.    Judi Jones

4.    Baruti Jahi

5.    Renee Bowser

6.    E. Gail Anderson Holness (at-large) Chair 1B11


2.    Citizen Comments:

1.    Joseph Vaughan presentation of plaque to Joseph Martin.

2.    Friends of Petworth Park - now incorporated.

3.    Georgia Avenue Residencies - concerns about Shell Station. Area not being maintained. Kids from Roosevelt hanging out. Pothole has been repaired but was not done well.

4.    David Weston - traffic is being stressed around the Mormon "Temple".

5.    Partner at 4th and Varnum Street -- fixing up building 15 apartments. 571-331-5850 Ravi Garg. SA will have a community meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the property and what the plans are.

6.    D. Kamili Anderson (Ward 4) - OSSE communication with the waiver application. CM Bowser and Kamili are working hard to ensure the funds in the budget to modernize Roosevelt and Coolidge. DCPS is the reason the funds are being delayed. Pre-SIP (School Improvement Process) is continuing to take place. Roosevelt is included on the Tier 4 schools. Schools on the Tier 4 list are recommended to be turned around or closed.

7.    ZH Pedestrian Safety Meeting - any concerns with information please e-mail. Friends of Old Soldiers home. Annie's Ace Hardware is now open!

3.    Sabor Latino Bar & Restaurant's DDOT Sidewalk Cafe Application (Leraris): Nobody present.

4.    Doreen Thompson, President, Petworth Library Friends (Vaughan): in attendance ____, Carol Herwig and recognized Mike Larson. Provide services that aren't in the library's budget. Stimulate activities in the library. Serve as the point for people to make gifts to the library. Past November formed a board. Three priorities for 2012 - 1. Documents/housekeeping, 2. Figure out how to maintain the investment in the community. 3. Interest in the library.

5.    Presentation by the DC Office of Planning regarding the 14th Street Art Place Grant Proposal (Vaughan and Leraris): Malika Abernathy on 14th ST Plan - public comment period has been extended to March 23rd. OP applied for the Arts Place grant, focused on revitalizing neighborhoods. $250K four neighborhoods Brookland, Deanwood, Anacostia and 14th ST. No implementation funds. Find places along central 14th Street NW to implement this grant. Communicating with the working group over the next 6 months. Grant is to be implemented by the summer. Looking to get an extension on the funds. Short term temporary arts projects in the commercial areas. Opportunity to showcase central 14th Street. Develop concept with working group. ANC 4C. Jean Badalamenti meeting with Church on 14th/Arkansas - importance of communicating with the community. March 1 is the tentative date.

6.    Resolution in support of the approval of the DC Committee to Restore Public Trust's ballot initiative (Badalamenti): comes out of the reform legislation. Campaign reform legislation that was alluded to by Max and Renee. Wells was the only one that supports legislation. DCBBOE to put the voter initiative on the ballot. Letter of support to include the initiative on the November ballot. Motion to approve the resolution by Zack Hartman, seconded by Janet Myers - all in-favor.

7.    Resolution in support of the full modernization of Roosevelt High School (Vaughan): resolution that modernization is important. Encourage the rapid deployment of funds and that the funds are not moved. First resolution called for the full funding. Motion to draft resolution to encourage the expedited and full funding Joe Vaughan, seconded by Myers - all in-favor.

8.    Letter of opposition to install telephone poles to support FIOS (Tumblin): September 2011 FIOS made promises -- letter for FIOS to create a consensus agreement. 2nd Myers

9.    Bowser thank for the schools.