A regular meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2006. Commissioner Joe Martin (Vice Chair) called the meeting to order at approximately 7:12 PM in the MPD Northern Regional Operation Command Center (ROC), 801 Shepherd Street, NW.

Commissioners present included: Harold Prince 4C01, Ken Alexander 4C02, Ronald Bland 4C03, Marc Yesberger 4C04 (Treasurer), Franklin Pryor 4C05, Peron Williams 4C06, Timothy Jones 4C08, Joe Martin 4C09 (Vice Chair). Eight commissioners were present and a quorum was established. Absent were Shanel Anthony 4C07 and Joe Henson 4C10. 

Roll call of commissioners

Moment of silence

Reading and approval of December 2005 general meeting minutes. No changes/additions made. Ron Bland motioned to approve the minutes. Joe Martin seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous, motion passed.

No correspondence reported.

Treasurer’s Report

The 4th quarter report was submitted last month. The commission was under budget for 2005. Budget for 2005 was $16,040 and actual spent was $6,038.78. Bank balances have not changed since last month’s meeting. Joe Martin motioned to approve report. Ron Bland seconded. Motion passed with 7 yes and 1 no vote by Timothy Jones.

Committee Reports


Old Business

  1. Tim Chapman of Chapman Development (202-742-6550 phone - email: told the community about the project they are planning at 5100 Georgia Avenue, NW (Georgia and Gallatin). Metropolitan Imports Motors is on this site now and is across the street from the fire station. The car lot has been cited a number of times and has been an eye sore in the community for some time. Chapman Development plans to purchase 2 lots and raze the site and build a multi-family 80 unit (200 people), 60-foot apartment building. There will be one-bedroom units, lofts and 2-story units. The one-bedroom units will rent for around $1000/month with all utilities and internet and cable. The lofts will rent for around $937 with all utilities included. Units will be rented at 60% of the gross area median income ($88,900 x 0.60 = $53,340). The parking ratio is 1 per 3 units and would be built under the building. Could ask the city for additional subsidies to build additional parking. Chapman Development is an affordable housing company – within 30 years they would own the building. They have only built one market rate building. 90% of the units would be 1-bedroom units. Entrance to the parking through the alley. There is not a plan to include lower level retail.

Concerns from the community:

  1. Only option for the site? Chapman only develops apartments.
  2. How will this development affect the community? Parking on the street is already tight.
  3. 1209 Gallatin Street resident – wants something like town-homes rather than apartments. Concerned about trash and congestion.
  4. 1217 Gallatin Street resident – lived there sine 1987 – concerned about small children and traffic
  5. Concerns about rats
  6. 1232 Hamilton Street resident – concerned about the impact on the school/police department
  7. Will Chapman conduct credit checks on potential tenants? Yes there will be credit checks and income verification – process takes 1 month to complete. Buzzuto Management will manage the rental units.
  8. 1219 Gallatin Street resident – concerned about zoning changes
  9. 1200 Gallatin Street block – would like to see something else on that site but are concerned about the scale of the project and want to know who is the architect
  10. Concerns expressed about the density changes to the neighborhood
  11. 1215 Hamilton Street resident – worried about changes to the neighborhood
  12. 1200 Gallatin Street resident – encouraged another meeting – wants to learn more – focus on process
  13. Concerns expressed that this is good for government, good for developers, not good for the neighborhood

Emory Recreation Center or West Elementary Schools were mentioned as possible meeting places for another meeting. Tim Chapman will find out if he can get an extension – 90 day – to his contract - if not he can’t move forward on the project. If so there will be a followup meeting. LSDBE – is designed to steer contracts to the neighborhood through vendors/employees.

New Business

  1. FY 2006 ANC4C Budget discussion

Highlights:      Purchase copy machine for flyer production
                        Grants line item increased to $10,000 total
Marc Yesberger motioned to approve the 2006 budget. Ron Bland seconded. Unanimous vote.

2) Marc Yesberger presented a resolution to approve participation in the 2006 ANC Security Fund along with the $25 expense. Joe Martin seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.

3) Review of Shepherd Street Block Club small grant request #11042005. Fredia Banks (on behalf of the 1400 Shepherd Street Block Club) submitted a request for a $1,000 grant to produce a survey of neighborhood economic development and then mail it to residents. This would be a grassroots level flyer/survey within a 3 mile radius of 3900 block of 14th  Street. MarcYesberger motioned to approve grant #11042005. Peron Williams seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

4) Marc Yesberger presented a motion to extend Kristen Barden’s personnel services contract to transcribe and distribute the monthly ANC meeting minutes for 1 year with the same terms as her 2005 contract. Franklin Pryor seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

5) Election of ANC 2006 officers… And the nominees are….

Joe Martin for Chair – nominated by Franklin Pryor, seconded by Peron Williams – unanimous vote

Peron Williams for Vice Chair – nominated by Franklin Pryor. There was no second received and no vote taken.

Ron Bland for Vice Chair – self nominated, seconded by Joe Martin – 6 yes votes, 0 no, 2 abstentions – passed

Shanel Anthony for Treasurer – nominated by Joe Martin, seconded by Peron Williams – unanimous vote

Marc Yesberger for Secretary – nominated by Joe Martin, seconded by Peron Williams – unanimous vote

Franklin Pryor for Chaplain – nominated by Joe Martin – non officer position – will be revisited at the February meeting

Peron Williams for Chair of Economic Development Committee – nominated by Joe Martin, seconded by Franklin Pryor – unanimous vote

6) Armed Forces Retirement Home – AFRH - Timothy Jones presented a letter to send to the National Capital Area Planning Commission about the development planned on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Sandy Hoffman (office 202-328-5022) mentioned that the draft master plan has not changed significantly with regard to impact on:
            -- the environment
            -- traffic
            -- air quality
            -- noise
            -- loss of open space/park space

Nor has the impact on fire, police, water, sewer, and other city services been evaluated… The plan continues to include 4 to 6 story buildings all along the western edge. ANC 4C would oppose the draft because of the concerns on the impact of the above mentioned items and would like to see land on the western side dedicated to park space. Preservation of the Lincoln cottage is also a concern.

The Historic Preservation Review Board within the DC government’s Office of Planning is meeting on 1/26/06. Written and verbal comments are ok. Locally elected officials will object to the process used thus far. On Feb. 2nd there will be a hearing on the draft master plan – Jan 23rd is the deadline for written comments.

Joe Martin motioned for approval of letter, Ron Bland seconded. Unanimous vote on AFRH resolution.

7) Resolution in support of the Menu Education and Labeling Act (MEAL). Joe Martin motioned to approve a resolution in support of the DC Menu Education and Labeling Act (MEAL) of 2005 which would require fast-food and other chain restaurants in DC with 10 or more locations nationwide to list the calorie, saturated and trans fat, carbohydrate, and sodium contents of standard items on their menus and list calories on menu boards where space is limited. (See letter for complete resolution). Ron Bland seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.

8) The agenda item to consider hiring a temporary worker for setting up the ANC 4C office was postponed until the February meeting. There was much discussion and it was thought that the ANC should work through an employment services agency (or DC government) to hire someone. This person would work for approx. one week – full time and would receive office supplies and equipment previously ordered and would set up some record keeping systems. Peron Williams suggested hiring a senior citizen.

  1. Joe Martin motioned to authorize himself to spend not more than $100 for a newsletter for his SMD. This will cover expenses for at least 675 copies. Peron Williams seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.
  1. Timothy Jones motioned to spend not more than $200 on a tape recorder to record the general ANC meetings each month. Joe Martin seconded the motion. Unanimous vote.

Community Forum

Marlo Johnson asked about whether any research had been completed on the history of the Petworth METRO site development. The answer was no. She was asked if she is party to or employed by the developers who have filed a lawsuit against DC government because of the lost bid on the Petworth METRO site. She said she is not.

Anita Amero from Howard University Center for Urban Program passed out handouts about the Lead-Safe Babies program.

Julius Ware of the DC Urban League wants to be on the Economic Development Committee of the ANC. He would also like to meet with the Petworth Action Committee. He asked if there was a list of potential/proposed Georgia Avenue development projects. The answer was not to anyone’s knowledge no.

There being no further business, Joe Martin motioned to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM. Ken Alexander seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous. Meeting adjorned.

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